What is an air source heat pump?

An air source heat pump (ASHP) is an efficient and cost effective way of producing heat and hot water for your property.

An air source heat pump works by pulling natural heat from outside air to heat liquid refrigerant, which is then compressed using an electrical compressor to raise its temperature, this heat is then transferred to your heating and hot water systems inside your home.

Air source heat pumps have the ability to work in temperatures as low as -20℃ which makes them suitable for almost any environment.

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Benefits of an air source heat pump installation

Lower running cost compared to regular boilers, save money on your heating cost by switching from gas, oil or LPG over to an air source heat pump plus eliminate the hassle of having to refill your tanks.

Air source heat pumps qualify for the Government's renewable heat incentive scheme, this means on top of saving money you can also earn tax free income over the course of 7 years.

Help the environment and reduce your carbon footprint by switching over to an ASHP, combining this technology with solar panels can further reduce your carbon footprint and also increase your savings.

Very low yearly maintenance required as the whole system has very few moving parts, an annual inspection is usually all that is required, this also leads to a long life span

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Our installations

All our air source heat pump systems are bespoke and individually tailored, as each person and their respective home will have different requirements due to the amount of factors taken into account when designing a new system.

We have trained staff to guide you through each of our individual processes, to ensure you're kept well informed from the very first visit right down the final commissioning of the system

We use LG Therma V Air Source Heat Pumps to ensure that you have the very best hardware to suit your bespoke installation.

To find out more about air source heat pumps and their benifits contact us today and speak to one of our team members.




Heat your home with an Air Source Heat Pump.

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